5 ways to prevent hay fever and other allergies

Believe it or not, it is now officially spring. And if you are one of the estimated 10 million people in England that suffers from hay fever, you know that Spring brings with it the unmistakeable symptoms of Hay fever: itchy eyes, and fits of sneezing. Hay fever is caused by an allergic reaction to […]

How the new National Living Wage will affect the cleaning industry

In July 2015, George Osborne, the Chancellor of Exchequer, outlined details of what he called the National Living Wage. Not to be confused with the Living Wage as independently set by the Living Wage Foundation, the National Living Wage effectively replaces the Minimum Wage. In April 2016, all workers in the UK over the age […]

Dealing with damp and mould

Damp is a problem that can occur in any building, new or old. There are several causes of damp – some more serious than others – But it is imperative that you deal with the problem as soon as possible to prevent serious damage to the building and health implications for its residents. Why is […]

Should you be eating lunch at your Desk?

Whilst it is important to make sure you take time out from work to eat a nutritional lunch every day, it isn’t just what you eat that you should consider, but where you eat it. Does your company provide a kitchen or canteen for staff to go and eat their lunch, or do you and […]

Keeping schools clean throughout winter

Due to the heavy rain, wind and wintery weather conditions we have had over the last couple of months, many schools have opted to have indoor breaks for the pupils. Having all the kids inside throughout the day means that a great deal more mess than usual is going to be made. When this is […]

Maintaining Standards – National Employee Motivation Day

National Employee Motivation Day, on the 21st January, is a day created to inspire passion and appreciation across the UK’s workforce. For those that operate in the services sector, such as contract cleaners, staff engagement, retention and motivation are critical in providing a consistent and quality service. Our cleaners and contract managers are the face […]

Delegating responsibility for cleaning

A clean workspace is important for many reasons, whether it is an office, a shop or a restaurant. Cleanliness will have a major effect on your employees and will play a role in shaping their attitude towards their job. If you don’t keep on top of the cleaning, your employees may adopt a similar lax […]

A guide to carpet care

To ensure that your carpets are kept in top condition, and don’t wear prematurely or need replacing, they require more than just a weekly going over with a vacuum cleaner. This is especially true of carpets in areas of high footfall. Learn how the professionals clean and maintain carpets.

Cleaning packages for end of office tenancies

Clean workplaces are crucial for the safety of staff and the promotion of a pleasant and positive atmosphere. However, even if we work hard to maintain an environment, there is no way to prevent natural wear and tear. With constant daily traffic, your floors, facilities and interiors can become worn, stained and tarnished and may […]

Start 2016 as you mean to go on

For many of us, the dawn of a New Year represents a limitless number of possibilities when we think about what we can change for the better in our personal and working lives. Our own New Year’s Resolution is always the same – to ensure that we continue to deliver the finest office cleaning services […]