A guide to carpet care

To ensure that your carpets are kept in top condition, and don’t wear prematurely or need replacing, they require more than just a weekly going over with a vacuum cleaner. This is especially true of carpets in areas of high footfall.

Learn how the professionals clean and maintain carpets.

Modern carpets come in all shapes and sizes, with an ever increasing variety of materials, from traditional fabrics such as wool, to ‘natural’ materials like sisal, coir silk or bamboo as well as synthetics, each with their own specific cleaning requirement.

Poorly maintained carpets can need replacing in as little as 1 – 3 years if not cleaned and cared for properly, leading to regular expensive refits. As a cleaning contractor that offers specialist carpet cleaning services, we know the best methods to deal with any carpet or rug.

Dry carpet cleaning

The use of water should be avoided when cleaning carpets as it can cause shrinkage, colour loss and colour bleed. Instead, a pre-treatment dry carpet cleaning powder can be applied. This powder contains solvents that remove stains, eradicate dust mites and protects against future staining.

As the powder is brushed through the carpet it absorbs soilage leaving the carpet clean, soft and fresh. When vacuumed away, the carpet is ready for immediate use.

How to remove Chewing gum from carpets

Hardened chewing gum embedded within the pile of a carpet may seem irreversible, but with a little TLC and some specialist knowledge, even the toughest chewing gum can be removed from your carpet.

We use a steam machine and chewing gum solvent remover to soften and remove the chewing gum, followed by wet extraction machine to give it the final clean finish.

How to clean astro-turf / synthetic grass

A new addition to the carpet cleaning expert’s set of challenges, synthetic grass is becoming more commonplace. It is hard wearing and creates a unique and fun indoor environment.

Deep cleaning of synthetic grass is advisable at least once a year. This lifts and opens up the carpet pile and removes contamination. Over time contaminants will build up on and within the surface from airborne particles, dust and fibres from the natural wear of the turf.

If your carpets are in need of a deep clean, or you would like more advice on carpet care, please call us on 0800 4488026