Keeping schools clean throughout winter

Due to the heavy rain, wind and wintery weather conditions we have had over the last couple of months, many schools have opted to have indoor breaks for the pupils. Having all the kids inside throughout the day means that a great deal more mess than usual is going to be made. When this is added to the fact that the school will already be dirtier than usual due to the children coming to school in wet muddy conditions, it seems likely that you will need to step up the cleaning regime in your school for this time of the year.

As a leading provider of cleaning services in Bristol, we can benefit schools across the area with our conscientious and thorough approach. Our expert team can address the toughest of cleaning situations, even during the wettest and muddiest times of the year. We have a team of highly trained, security checked cleaning professionals capable of quickly and efficiently cleaning a school all year round.

We’ll always tailor our cleaning service to meet your needs, so when your building needs a more intense cleaning routine to keep up with increasing demands, this is exactly what we will provide. We know the importance of safe practises in schools, and will always use the most suitable cleaning materials to keep kids, teachers and visitors safe while simultaneously providing the most outstanding cleaning results.

Keeping schools clean is extremely important, particularly over winter. It’s a widely held view that germs and viruses are easily transmitted across groups of children at school, so it is important to keep the premises as hygienic as possible to avoid illness and sick days. Schools and businesses across Bristol and Bath can trust us to ensure their buildings are as clean and hygienic as possible.