Maintaining Standards – National Employee Motivation Day

National Employee Motivation Day, on the 21st January, is a day created to inspire passion and appreciation across the UK’s workforce.

For those that operate in the services sector, such as contract cleaners, staff engagement, retention and motivation are critical in providing a consistent and quality service. Our cleaners and contract managers are the face of our business and we recognise the importance of supporting, training and motivating them to reach their full potential.

The benefits of a motivated workforce
People find their motivation from a number of different sources. For some it is the satisfaction of a job well done, or to help other people; for others, their motivation may be money. A recent national survey on employee motivation levels revealed that ‘feeling valued’ by their boss is the top motivational factor in helping people achieve more at work.

The benefits of providing suitable motivation to our cleaners has a positive impact on our staff, our clients and our business in the following ways:

Staff retention
A happy and motivated workforce are less likely to leave. The cleaning industry typically suffers from low levels of staff retention. If your contract manager or office cleaner is replaced every 6 months, how are you supposed to build a rapport with that person, and will the next guy know not to move the papers on your desk, and all the other idiosyncrasies specific to your business?

Delivering both a premium standard of cleaning and maintaining value for money is a challenge that we face daily. Productivity is key to achieving this and requires a workforce motivated to work hard to deliver their very best day in, day out.

Cleaning standards
Everyone works at their best when they take pride in their work. For our cleaners, training, supervision and motivation ensures that all of our staff feel valued, are rewarded for their hard work and deliver a premium cleaning service.

How to keep your cleaners motivated
At CCS we take a broad approach to rewarding, recognising and motivating our staff. For starters, all staff are paid a fair wage for a hard day’s work, and they have opportunity for career progression and promotion.

Secondly, we provide ongoing training to all of our cleaners. This ensures not only a skilled workforce, but encourages cleaners to take pride in what they do, as well as demonstrating that we value our employees and invest in them to succeed.

Thirdly, we recognise good work internally through our cleaner of the month award, which recognise excellence in cleaning and customer service.

Are your cleaners engaged, motivated and effective? If not, contact CCS to learn more about our contract cleaning services.