Should you be eating lunch at your Desk?

Whilst it is important to make sure you take time out from work to eat a nutritional lunch every day, it isn’t just what you eat that you should consider, but where you eat it.

Does your company provide a kitchen or canteen for staff to go and eat their lunch, or do you and your colleagues more often than not end up eating your lunch at your desk? We all do it from time to time, but working through your lunch on a daily basis, far from being a sign of dedication and hard work, can have a very negative impact on your health and productivity.

Why you shouldn’t eat at your desk?

There are two very good reasons why regularly eating at your desk is a bad idea:

  1. If you do not take adequate short breaks throughout the day, your productivity will nose dive. You are more likely to make mistakes, damage your eyesight and suffer mental exhaustions. Apart from anything else, lunch time is a great opportunity to build relationships with your colleagues, leading to a better working environment.
  2. The average desks is filthy! Studies show that most desks harbour more bacteria than the average toilet, making them unsanitary and unsuitable for food consumption, with a distinct possibility of making you ill.

Now you know the health risks of eating at your desk, where will you be having your lunch today?

Professional Office Cleaning

A professional office cleaning company will understand that desks require more than just a quick dust and a polish once a week. Our office cleaners routinely sanitise not only desks but keyboards, mouse devices and telephones too, because they know that these are breeding grounds for bacteria.

It is proven that effective office cleaning services help to reduce the spread of infections, and promoting positive wellbeing practices such as having a clean and dedicated area for people to prepare and eat their food away from their desks will also help to reduce staff sickness.

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