Window Cleaning Services Bristol, Bath and Cardiff

What makes our window cleaning so special? For a start we bring our own hot water with us. We only use completely pure, distilled, water so there are no streaks after your windows have dried. And we don’t use detergents, there’s no need…so we’re environmentally friendly too.

When we say we clean windows…we mean we clean windows. After all, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well, and at CCS we take ‘Pride in Everything We Do!’ So much so that we’ve invested thousands of pounds in a reach and wash system to give our clients very highly rated window cleaners in Bristol, Bath and the South West with no fuss and at a competitive rate.

We do not use ladders! Health and Safety legislation doesn’t like them, and neither do we. Our Reach and Wash™ system can be operated from ground level up to a height of 65ft. eliminating the need not just for ladders, but for high access equipment too. It means we can get to all those difficult to reach windows, as well as atria, panelling, canopies and facia boards, and all exterior building glass will be left spotless.

And of course, you don’t get a window cleaner looking in at you or your staff or visa versa, so there’s no distractions!

For reliable sparkling window cleans in Bristol, Bath and Cardiff, call 0800 448 8026. Tell us your windows need some dedicated attention and we’ll give you a FREE window cleaning quote with absolutely no obligation.

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