We don't cut corners - We clean them . . . !

CCS Cleaning the most complete and reliable one-stop commercial cleaning company for all cleaning services – call for a quote 0800 448 8026

We have a large team of cleaners available to start immediately and clean your premises.

Our cleaners really do enjoy thier jobs and all our vetted and responsible adults.

We provide extensive on and off the job training and are very rigid with health and safety procedures.

Our customers rely on us to deliver consistent results at every opportunity.

  • We use technology to monitor our staff time on site
  • You will be visited by an account manager weekly
  • We take extreme care with our recruitment, only employing professional cleaning staff.
  • We give constant on-the-job training, ensuring all our staff take pride in everything they do.
  • Clients are able to get to know their cleaners on a one to one basis.


Why Choose CCS Cleaning

CCS a dedicated cleaning company

All of the premises we clean are visited and inspected by one of our managers every week, with client satisfaction being monitored daily. We rarely lose accounts through the quality of service. CCS is a dedicated cleaning company.

High Quality Cleaning Standards

Trained and Experienced Team

Modern Business Practices

Inspection and Certification

Southwest and South Wales Coverage

Positive Customer Reviews

We can adapt to changes and client demands quickly

CCS Means Clean

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