Cleaning packages for end of office tenancies

Clean workplaces are crucial for the safety of staff and the promotion of a pleasant and positive atmosphere. However, even if we work hard to maintain an environment, there is no way to prevent natural wear and tear. With constant daily traffic, your floors, facilities and interiors can become worn, stained and tarnished and may need a little attention. We specialise in office cleaning in Bristol businesses, and we are ready to offer a high quality cleaning service that can be tailored to suit the needs of each establishment.

Along with daily cleaning, we carry out a range of specialist services. If you run an office in rented premises it can be stressful and costly if the interior features have become extremely dirty. Any change in the condition of the premises is sure to be discovered in your end of lease inspection, which can lead to problems with the return of your deposit.

Windows and panelling can become extremely dirty over time, especially if the weather has been particularly bad for a while. Weeks and weeks of rain can make it practically impossible to keep windows clean. We can thoroughly clean all interior and exterior windows along with the outdoor panels. We carry out unobtrusive services that will leave you with completely transparent windows.

Naturally, kitchens and washrooms are used every day by your entire team of employees as well as visitors to your premises. Busy offices mean breakfasts, lunches and snacks eaten at desks and many trips to the kettle or coffee machine, and it stands to reason that spillages will occur from time to time. Spillages can leave stubborn stains that spoil the look of a carpet. Additionally, if furniture such as sofas and chairs came with your offices and have become stained they will also need to be cleaned before your company vacates. We can offer a deep cleanse for all these facilities and ensure they are fully compliant with health and safety standards.

If you are planning to leave a rented office and want to make sure you receive your full deposit back, make sure to get in touch with us and find out what we can do for you. We will ensure the whole place is spotless and give you the best possible chance of a smooth and swift transition to your new office.