Keep clean during school season

As we go into the autumn season the leaves will start falling, the weather will become cooler, and children will go back to school for a brand new term. All parents will know how easily children can catch viruses and colds when they go back to school, so it’s important that educational establishments take the […]

Delivering supremely professional cleaning services

When it comes to corporate cleaning, we know our clients want a company who will always uphold the highest standards of care. This is why we are constantly striving to perform to the very best of our abilities. We offer a professional and comprehensive cleaning service to a host of professional organisations and our standard […]

A cleaner workplace is a healthier workplace

Walking into a place of work that looks and feels dirty and unkempt is not a very pleasant experience. This certainly is the case if you are an employee who spends most of your days in said establishment. Dirty surroundings can be very harmful, not only to one’s health but also one’s mental well being.

Busy offices can accumulate a lot of dirt, so professional cleaning is vital

The condition of your office space is very important, both in terms of employee happiness and the impression you give to customers. You should ensure that all parts of the workplace are kept clean and tidy whilst also making sure it still feels personal and professional. If you host meetings in the office make sure […]

Fulfil the required health and safety standards with regular cleaning

Well-being in the workplace is a large responsibility that all employers have to take seriously; healthier and happier employees usually means more productive and motivated ones, not to mention that there are many legal obligations and regulations set in place for companies too. In simple terms, keeping your business clean will help boost profits and […]

A clean workplace is a happy workplace

A clean office environment not only makes its users comfortable and at ease, but also inspires them to be productive. If a workplace remains unattended in this aspect, it will not be long until the incidence of absenteeism will increase due to allergies, and possibly flu going around. As we all know, in closed office […]

A high standard of cleanliness and beauty is found in Bath

The city of Bath became a world heritage site in 1987 and boasts many cultural delights. The lure of museums and theatreland is strong and Bath welcomes almost four million day visitors a year along with a staggering one million staying visitors. Two illustrious universities reflect the dedication of the city to education and there […]

A clean working environment encourages greater efficiency

Clean premises are undoubtedly conducive to an efficient working environment. Employers have an inherent duty to keep their place of business as clean as possible in order to ensure optimal health and safety for their staff but also to encourage productivity. It stands to reason that when people are in pleasant and hygienic environments it […]

Businesses put their trust in us to keep workplaces looking immaculate

Everybody knows how encouraging it is to enter a building or place of business and immediately be struck by impressive levels of cleanliness. An effortlessly clean environment inspires a sense of confidence in the entire establishment and serves to encourage us to want to utilise its products or services. At CCS we are a respected […]