A clean workplace is a happy workplace

A clean office environment not only makes its users comfortable and at ease, but also inspires them to be productive. If a workplace remains unattended in this aspect, it will not be long until the incidence of absenteeism will increase due to allergies, and possibly flu going around. As we all know, in closed office environments which get little if any fresh air, all it takes is one person falling ill and the rest will follow – not to mention the potential risks to health and safety, such as falls and trips, that can result from an untidy workplace, as well as the fact that it’s just not pleasant to be working all day in an unclean environment.

If you are a caring employer, who knows the most important assets to your business are your people, then providing them with a wonderfully clean work place to carry out their duties should be high on your list of priorities.

Located in Bristol and Bath, CCS makes the process of hiring committed individuals to perform this task easy. Our teams are made up of dedicated people who receive continuous on-the-job training to excel and maintain the high standards our company is known for.

We visit our clients on a weekly basis to ensure the quality of our work is impeccable. Before starting on a new contract, our specialist team is first on the scene to carry out a deep and throughout cleaning session. This helps set the initial standard that our regular teams will work to achieve on a daily basis.

We are the leading cleaning experts in the area, and our services are varied to ensure your requirements are fulfilled. From Blitz Cleaning sessions, to industrial, carpets and upholstery, and windows, you can trust us to deliver a fantastic service. If you are considering our services and would like a quote, simply fill out the contact for on our website our give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our commercial cleaning in Bath will ensure that your employees are kept safe, happy and productive throughout their working days.