Workplaces and public buildings have to be kept as clean as possible

Do you recall that one time you intended to give your home a firm and thorough clean over the weekend, only to have not in the end being able to do so? It was when you were either too busy or just too tired out to tackle it. How did we know that this happened and that you remember it? Quite easy, really – it’s something that has happened to each and every one of us at some point. The good news is that’s OK. Not giving your home the thorough cleaning you intended to will not have caused any lasting or lingering damage. The same cannot, and must not, be said in respect of our places of work and in our schools, however.

At CCS we are dedicated to delivering the most thorough and beneficial of cleaning services possible to businesses and schools across and throughout Bristol. We take professional and personal pride in striving to be the leading and most respected of cleaning services in Bristol, providing the most trusted and most hygienic work available for your buildings.

One cannot afford to skip or simply be unable to address the cleaning requirements in buildings and premises where many people meet, greet, congregate and work. The harsh fact of such places is that people – unwittingly and unavoidably of course – bring with them bacteria, germs, dirt and all sorts of contaminants which, if we are honest, you may not want to spend too much time thinking about. This is where our services truly come to the fore for you. We ensure that your premises – from boardrooms to classrooms – are cleaned to give an immaculate and pristine appearance, and go further in ensuring all hygienic measures possible are used and put in place to remove and nullify the threat of germs and bacteria.

For those of you who seem to find that you are constantly skipping over your plans for a thorough clean at home, don’t worry. The best and leading cleaning services in Bristol are not limited to schools, businesses and hospitals alone. We also offer a complete and comprehensive cleaning service for you and your home. This is carried out to the same high standards as our commercial and public building work, with the same exacting levels of discretion and professionalism always assured of being in place. Whether you need just a once off “blitz clean” or you need someone to regularly care for and clean your home, CCS are the company you can trust to do this.