Cleanliness is crucial in schools

Schools welcome hundreds, if not thousands of students through their doors every single day. Add to this the number of staff and visitors, and you are left with a huge volume of foot traffic. This can quickly see spaces getting dirtied and worn, particularly in busy corridors and public areas. The problem is even worse […]

Creating pleasant working environments

We understand the importance of keeping professional environments clean, and we are the one stop solution for all your needs. We provide professional office cleaning in Bath and Bristol, covering every aspect of the work from the windows to the kitchens. We offer a bespoke service for the benefit of our clients and our work […]

Keeping your windows sparkling clean

When it comes to commercial properties, the condition of the windows is very important. Broken, dirty and neglected windows are unlikely to make the kind of impression you want your customers to have. Employees are also likely to take this as a sign you don’t really care about the property. This can adversely affect their […]

Our affordable school cleaning contracts

From mud to paint to spilled food and drink to general wear and tear, schools can become quite messy throughout the day’s classes, meaning that thorough cleaning and tidying is required once the school day is over. With many hundreds or even thousands of pupils and staff passing through the school each day, keeping the […]

Keeping your office hygienic

It is vitally important to ensure that your work premises are as clean and pristine as possible, not only to make sure that the place looks good and creates the right impression, but also for health reasons. When you have a hygienic and clean workplace, the risk of disease and people taking time off sick […]

Complete cleaning solutions

Among our various cleaning services in Bristol and Bath, we offer a deep, thorough Blitz clean service that will get any property looking spotless. This is a one off, deep cleaning service that is suitable for any type of domestic or commercial property, and will remove every last trace of dirt or mess, ensuring that […]

Comprehensive cleaning solutions

If you are a landlord with a new tenant about to take up occupancy in your property, we know how important it is to ensure the house is thoroughly clean and in good condition. We also understand that finding the time to clean the property yourself can be challenging, particularly with all the other duties […]

A tidy office will make a good impression on your customers

Keeping your office clean and pleasant is important for several reasons, but the most pivotal of these is the impression it makes on your customers. There is nothing professional about having a cluttered, dirty working environment with no order or organisation. Customers who visit will see this and automatically think that you don’t take pride […]

Keeping schools clean and hygienic

Every professional environment needs to be uncompromisingly clean in order to ensure full adherence to health and safety standards. Furthermore, a clean, safe and pleasant workplace promotes motivation and increased production levels. When people are comfortable in their surroundings, it is inevitable that they will be happier and more able to focus on their work.

Providing tenancy blitz cleans

We provide a wide variety of cleaning solutions under one roof, including commercial cleaning in Bath and Bristol. One of the services that we provide is blitz cleaning, designed to quickly eradicate any dirt and ensure that the premises is left clean and sparkling in as little time as possible. One of the areas in […]