A high standard of cleanliness and beauty is found in Bath

The city of Bath became a world heritage site in 1987 and boasts many cultural delights. The lure of museums and theatreland is strong and Bath welcomes almost four million day visitors a year along with a staggering one million staying visitors. Two illustrious universities reflect the dedication of the city to education and there are an abundance of service sectors, information and communication technology and creative industries. The central area of the city possesses many Roman archaeological sites and the incredible baths built by the Romans lie about six metres below city street level. This splendidly beautiful city that is steeped in rich history and culture is an exquisite landmark as well as a major tourist attraction and the businesses and establishments that thrive within Bath need to reflect the beauty and dedication to culture.

Any professional establishment needs to make an outstanding initial impression on customers, potential clients and any other visitors. We are an organisation that has focused on being the only provider of cleaning services Bath clients need. Here at CCS we supply our valued clients with every conceivable cleaning service. Negative and positive impressions possess equal power and we know that you want your premises to be in such supreme condition that they immediately impress. When people enter your building they will make an instant mental note of its levels of cleanliness, visual presentation and every opinion they form will influence the ones that follow.

Schools are among the most important buildings in any village, town or city. Children and adults alike require optimal conditions of cleanliness and high standards of safety and clean environments promote positive mental attitudes which is essential for an educational establishment. Offices require well maintained standards of cleanliness to ensure smooth day to day running. Energy and motivation levels are boosted by many things and workspaces that respect people’s health, wellbeing and comfort levels is certainly one of them.

Our daily cleaning services in Bath are of an uncompromisingly high standard but we also offer many other services that can be adapted to provide a solution to any cleaning problem. Our window and carpet cleaning eliminates the distracting presence of window cleaners and can restore carpets to the impeccable floor coverings they once were. Our strip and polish leaves hard floors glowing and if your workplace has uninvited guests in the form of infestation we provide an expert extermination service that evicts those bugs on a permanent basis.

Our work is guaranteed and subject to intense inspection on a weekly basis. Our team are skilled without limits and work tirelessly to produce immaculate homes and workplaces.