Cleanliness is crucial for schools

A clean, hygienic school environment is essential if you want students to be happy and healthy. The whole site should be kept as fresh and pleasant as possible, from classrooms and toilets, to dining areas and hallways. It will be a daily challenge during the week to maintain standards and keep everything in the best […]

Getting your old property up to scratch

September through to November has traditionally been the most popular time for moving home. There are several possible reasons for this, such as families moving to school catchment areas in time for registrations and people wanting to be in their new homes in time for Christmas. If you’ve recently moved, you’ll know that no matter […]

Cleaner offices mean happier employees

Business productivity is the primary goal for any company or organisation. As important as it is to focus on your core business practise, it is equally essential to monitor seemingly simple factors such as cleanliness. Any successful business owner knows the value of maintaining a clean and safe workplace as well as adhering to health […]

How quality cleaners can save your business money – Part 2, The building

In our previous blog we looked at how quality office cleaning can improve the well-being of your employees, and the financial benefits that brings to your business. In this blog post we look at the cost savings that can be achieved through maintaining and preserving the building as a result of thorough office cleaning.

Keep kids healthy with a clean learning environment

Approximately 22 million school days are lost to the common cold every year. School environments are filled with hotspots for bacteria, and cold and flu viruses can live on a surface for up to 48 hours if it is not disinfected regularly. It is obviously very important to keep a school as clean as possible […]

Cleaning when home and work are the same place

In recent times there has been an increase in people either working remotely from home or setting up their own home based business. There are many advantages in both cases, such as cutting the costs of commuting and the overheads of a business premises. However, one downside is that it can be hard to differentiate […]

Accounting for health and safety needs

Employers need to take steps to account for the health and safety needs of their staff in all working environments, whether it is shop floors, warehouses or offices. Each setting will have specific hazards to deal with and will need a set of protocols to keep everybody safe.

Tackling tricky industrial cleans

Industrial premises usually have stricter cleaning requirements than residential or commercial properties because there are more potential hazards to account for. These same sites are typically harder to clean because of the presence of machinery, stock and equipment. Surfaces in these settings are also often made of more difficult materials so cleaning them becomes more […]

Make sure your corporate windows sparkle

The outside of any professional premises need to be well kept and maintained to make a good impression on visitors, clients and customers. The most common complaints from UK businesses about their window cleaners are that they are unreliable and they leave streaky windows. Many people who clean their own windows know the frustration of […]