Make sure you have a periodic deep clean

Regular day to day cleaning goes a long way towards keeping a business clean and safe, but several times during the year, you may find you need to give your premises an in-depth clean. Many people opt for the traditional spring clean when you freshen up your home or a commercial space after the Christmas period and the end of winter and get ready for the new year ahead. You may also need a deep clean after a particularly busy period, if any alterations are made to the structure, or in the lead up to the holidays. When renting, you’ll also need to have a deep clean carried out at the end of the tenancy to ensure you get your security deposit back.

Regular cleaning will help to keep an office clean and pleasant but it won’t remove all of the deeply ingrained dirt from the property. For example, rather than simply vacuuming the carpets, they may need to be steamed to remove trapped dirt and contaminants. There are numerous other tasks involved in a deep clean, such as cleaning the vents and dusting light fittings, which may be overlooked during a routine clean.

At CCS we focus on providing the finest commercial cleaning for Bath and Bristol businesses and homeowners, and we have an experienced team capable of handling both routine and deep cleans. We serve the domestic and commercial markets and even have experience working in the public sector, particularly in schools.

Our blitz cleaning services are specially designed for those occasions when you want a much deeper clean for your property. We will provide a comprehensive service specifically tailored to your requirements, working with everything from floors to upholstery and windows. Clients can have complete confidence in us to do a fantastic job. We work flexible hours so we can arrange for the clean to take place at the most suitable time for you and will ensure that all cleaners arrive with the equipment and products they need