Cleanliness is crucial for schools

A clean, hygienic school environment is essential if you want students to be happy and healthy. The whole site should be kept as fresh and pleasant as possible, from classrooms and toilets, to dining areas and hallways. It will be a daily challenge during the week to maintain standards and keep everything in the best condition. This is why the majority of schools put their faith in a professional cleaning company.

The most important thing about having a clean school is the health benefits. Schools want attendance to be as high as possible so that students are in class receiving the education they need. If the site is not clean and hygienic, the number of sick days taken is likely to rise substantially and illnesses will be able to spread more rapidly. There are all kinds of potential safety concerns if the site is not cleaned regularly to a high standard.

The cleanliness of the school can also have a big impact on the behaviour of students. When you don’t show care in the maintenance of the site, neither will they. They may also pick up bad habits in the process. By keeping the school clean and enforcing the rules, you will be teaching them an important life lesson.

When it comes to schools safety is always crucial. The products that are used need to be selected carefully to ensure they won’t cause harm to anybody in the property. Harsh chemical based cleaning products should never be mixed and need to be handled with absolute care. Gentler ones should be used wherever possible.

At CCS we have a wealth of experience providing school cleaning services in Bristol. We cater for many local schools, handling scheduled and one-off cleans as well as caretaker services and grounds maintenance. We can even clean windows for you so you only need a single company to cater for your requirements.

Professionalism is assured with our services because we take great care when selecting staff. We also ensure sites are checked by a manager on a regular basis when clients choose us for scheduled cleans. This helps us to maintain standards and resolve issues as quickly as possible.