How technology has revolutionised window cleaning

The modern day window cleaner has come a long way since the bucket and the squeegee. A new wave of window cleaning equipment has transformed the industry; making it safer and easier to clean at height.

The inherent dangers of working at height, and the current trend for taller steel and glass buildings, have led to the development of a number of new window cleaning technologies. 21st century window cleaners use cherry pickers, water fed poles and even abseiling equipment for very high windows to avoid the need for ladders.

Water fed poles

Using light-weight materials such as carbon fibre and fibre glass, window cleaners are now able to reach, from the ground, windows as high as 60ft. As the name suggests, water is fed through telescopic light-weight poles with brushes attached to the end, and thanks to pure water cleaning systems, this can now be achieved without the need for any detergents.

Pure water window cleaning

Pure water is water that has undergone a process of reverse osmosis, this removes common impurities that are found in regular tap water. Tap water, although clean enough to drink, is still full of contaminants, some of which are naturally occurring, others are by-product of the decontamination process; such as chlorine and also fluoride which is often added to strengthen bones.

Pure water window cleaning involves removing these impurities and negates the need for adding detergents.

Pure water obtained through reverse osmosis is even purer than filtered water from a filter cartridge and creates the perfect cleaning agent. When using it on windows, and by leaving the window to dry naturally, no dirt, impurities or chemical residues are left on the glass. This process is not only extremely effective, but also better for the environment.

The combination of these systems allows our window cleaners to reach ever taller and more complicated buildings in a safer and more environmentally friendly way. If you want to learn more about our window cleaning services, please call 0800 4488026.