How quality cleaners can save your business money – Part 2, The building

In our previous blog we looked at how quality office cleaning can improve the well-being of your employees, and the financial benefits that brings to your business. In this blog post we look at the cost savings that can be achieved through maintaining and preserving the building as a result of thorough office cleaning.

Ensuring that your office or school building receives a regular, high quality contract cleaning services is essential in maintaining the fabric of the building and reducing maintenance costs and refits. A Facilities or Office Manager’s role is to maintain the building, and cleaning plays a large role in that. Here are three key ways in which quality office cleaning services can help to save you money:

Preserve the fabric of the building

First and foremost, regular cleaning helps to preserve the lifespan of a building. Research shows that spending just a 10% premium on your building’s cleaning and maintenance can extend the life-span of a buildings fixtures and fittings by as much as threefold; delaying the need for costly refits.

Saving electricity

A professional cleaning contractor can deliver energy saving measures to help to reduce your organisations energy consumption; saving you money and improving your environmental credentials. This can be achieved in two ways: Firstly, through the use of the latest cleaning equipment and ensuring efficiency through competency and productivity. The second way a quality cleaning company could help reduce electricity usage is to employ practices such as daytime cleaning. If done correctly, this will improve your cleaning service, not interrupt your working day and reduce the need to lighting and heating during the evening.

Minimising damage

Accidents happen, but the likelihood of a cleaner being responsible for causing damage to the fabric of your building can be reduced through proper training. Additionally, if damage has already occurred due to a water leak or broken glass etc., having an experienced and dedicated local team of cleaning staff to call upon can drastically reduce the damage potential of such eventualities.

At CCS, we strongly believe in the benefits of well trained and motivated cleaners and strive to always deliver exceptional cleaning and value to all of our customers. To discuss any of the points raised in this article, please call 0800 44 88 026.