Our affordable school cleaning contracts

From mud to paint to spilled food and drink to general wear and tear, schools can become quite messy throughout the day’s classes, meaning that thorough cleaning and tidying is required once the school day is over. With many hundreds or even thousands of pupils and staff passing through the school each day, keeping the place clean can be a major undertaking. This is why it is always a great idea to get a professional team in to take care of the work for you.

If you are looking into outsourcing your cleaning services to an independent company who you can trust in, then look no further than our team. We specialise in all kinds of commercial cleaning in Bath and Bristol, and we offer extensive cleaning contracts for schools and other educational establishments. With our experience and skill, you can be guaranteed of a phenomenal service when you come to us.

A clean school is necessary for promoting a healthy and hygienic environment. A dirty school will distract from the learning experience and can even contribute towards ill health, which leads to more sick days for staff and pupils. This is why you should take as many steps as possible towards promoting a healthy environment. With our regular cleaning services, you can ensure that the school is kept clean, pleasant and free from potential health hazards.

Using the latest technology, we monitor our staff’s time on site and ensure that they give your premises a thorough clean. All our cleaners are fully trained and have had background checks, ensuring that they are safe and equipped to work in schools. Our cleaners will take good of your property and you will have weekly meetings with your account manager to ensure that the service is up to standard. Our managers personally visit and inspect the property once a week to ensure that all cleaners are doing a good job, meaning that you can be assured we provide only the best possible commercial cleaning in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas.