Providing tenancy blitz cleans

We provide a wide variety of cleaning solutions under one roof, including commercial cleaning in Bath and Bristol. One of the services that we provide is blitz cleaning, designed to quickly eradicate any dirt and ensure that the premises is left clean and sparkling in as little time as possible. One of the areas in which our blitz cleans proves to be particularly popular is pre and post-tenancy.

A blitz clean is, essentially, a swift deep clean carried out by our specialist team. They are trained and experienced in all areas of cleaning, from polishing to cleaning the upholstery. Their cleaning expertise includes applying insecticide if and where it is needed, a deep cleaning of any wooden floors or linoleum, window cleaning, rubbish disposal and much more. Our pre and post-tenancy cleaning arrangements are particularly popular as they ensure that the property is ready and waiting for the new tenants to move in. Prior to tenancy, a thorough clean is also useful, ensuring that there won’t be any complaints about cleanliness. Our blitz cleaning service restores your property back to pristine condition in as little time as possible.

All our commercial cleaning in Bath is carried out will be to an exceptional standard. Your satisfaction is monitored, and we will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the blitz clean that you receive. We are equipped with the finest tools and chemicals needed to achieve the best possible clean for your property.

Whether you need a specific room cleaned, or you need your entire property blitzed prior to a tenant moving in, our services are tailored to you and your needs. Our commercial cleaning in Bath is tailored to you every single time that you use us. We have worked for a huge variety of customers, and have received a plethora of testimonials regarding the work that we do. Our tenancy blitz cleans is sure to impress both you and your tenants.