Keeping schools clean and hygienic

Every professional environment needs to be uncompromisingly clean in order to ensure full adherence to health and safety standards. Furthermore, a clean, safe and pleasant workplace promotes motivation and increased production levels. When people are comfortable in their surroundings, it is inevitable that they will be happier and more able to focus on their work.

One of the many professional environments that demand the highest levels of cleanliness and safety is undoubtedly that of a school. Children need to be kept safe, and their facilities must be kept clean and fully functional to minimise the risk of illness or accidents. Among our many services we offer an outstanding school cleaning service that remains unrivalled. We are a flexible company and we can successfully accommodate every organisation and the available budget.

Our extensive experience has naturally equipped us with a great deal of expertise. Aside from being a carefully structured company that successfully manages a whole host of cleaning contracts with various establishments, we have abundant experience working with educational organisations. We work closely with each school to evaluate every need. We are fully aware of the importance of an impeccably clean school, and we pledge to produce and consistently maintain hygienic surroundings for students and staff alike.

When we work at any school we respect the daily schedules and the value of consistency. We can adapt to the challenges presented by any contract, and we employ only highly trained and experienced team members that are fully vetted and conduct themselves professionally at all times. Regardless of requirements, our service will always be trustworthy and utterly dependable. Whether you require one cleaner or a full team, we assure every client our cost-effective service reflects our commitment to customer care and satisfaction.

When tendering for a contract we take an attentive approach and we always conduct a full site survey and provide our clients with a precisely detailed service plan for our commercial cleaning in Bristol. Aside from periodic and routine cleaning we deliver a selection of specialised services that are designed to offer the solution to every part of your complex from grounds and floor maintenance to window cleaning, one off cleans and a comprehensive caretaking service.