Tackling tricky industrial cleans

Industrial premises usually have stricter cleaning requirements than residential or commercial properties because there are more potential hazards to account for. These same sites are typically harder to clean because of the presence of machinery, stock and equipment. Surfaces in these settings are also often made of more difficult materials so cleaning them becomes more challenging. It takes skill, experience and the right equipment to keep industrial properties clean and safe.

Floors in industrial properties are typically the biggest challenge. More often than not, in commercial settings you will find carpeted floors or hardwood. Both of these can be cleaned relatively easily with a vacuum cleaner or a brush when you are dealing with everyday dust and dirt. In industrial premises you can find carpet and hardwood, but are just as likely to encounter bare concrete or special textured safety flooring. These are harder to clean and can be exposed to all kinds of additional contaminants that are tougher to clean up.

The scale of industrial settings also makes them more difficult to clean. The size of most warehouses, workshops and factories means that cleaning would typically take a long time, unless of course you have the right machinery at hand. Instead of a mop and brush, you can speed up the job by using a scrubber dryer, a steam cleaner or even a pressure washer. This equipment will also help to tackle contaminants like oil, paint and spilled fluids.

Keeping industrial premises clean is crucial because not doing so can risk the safety of workers and harm the product or service that is offered. Arranging professional cleaning services is the best way to achieve the required standards. We can provide bespoke cleaning services in Bristol and Bath for industrial clients. We have a team of experienced specialists with over twenty years of experience, and they know how to leave your workplace in the best condition.