Make sure your corporate windows sparkle

The outside of any professional premises need to be well kept and maintained to make a good impression on visitors, clients and customers. The most common complaints from UK businesses about their window cleaners are that they are unreliable and they leave streaky windows. Many people who clean their own windows know the frustration of streaks after cleaning, but it is not something you expect when using a professional service. We offer specialised and reliable corporate window cleaning services in Bath and Bristol, and you can always be confident that we’ll deliver a sparkling streak free finish.

We believe every job should be carried out to the highest possible standard, and we offer a service that’s focused on health and safety. Ladders present an inherent risk to the safety of our employees and anyone on the ground underneath, but our modern Reach and Wash system eliminates the need for ladders and potentially unstable high access equipment. Using this method, we are able to easily access the most difficult to reach areas including canopies, panelling, fascia boards and atria.

We are an entirely self-sufficient company and we use our own pure and distilled hot water. The quality of our water and cleaning system means there is no need for the use of chemicals or detergents, which enables us to carry out environmentally friendly work. Our commercial window cleaning service will leave the external windows of your building completely spotless. We are used by a diverse selection of businesses on a regular basis, and we assure our customers that we always take a diligent approach to each task.

When you hire our cleaning services in Bath, you can be sure that your windows will always be impeccable. Furthermore, your employees will not be distracted by window cleaners at the window as they try to work. If you need affordable professional window cleaning, give us a call and we will provide you with a free no obligation quote.