Superior cleaning that ensures spotless school environments

We know the importance of maintaining a clean school, and we offer a service that ensures the highest standard of cleanliness with our commercial cleaning in Bath and Bristol. When a large number of people occupy any establishment, it is particularly important to maintain a hygienic environment in order to comply with health and safety regulations and keep it safe. Students and teachers spend a great deal of time in the classroom, and poor standards of hygiene can lead to the spreading of germs and health related issues.

A clean and pleasant space enhances an atmosphere and promotes a better learning environment. By providing clean and safe facilities, you can increase motivation and inspire better teaching and learning. As children spend a large amount of time in the school environment, we can assume that their surroundings can significantly influence their behaviour.

Schools have busy schedules to stick to and it can be difficult to maintain sufficient cleaning standards. We offer professional commercial cleaning in Bath and across all surrounding areas, including Bristol. All our cleaning services can be adjusted and personalised to meet the precise requirements of your facility. We will also ensure that we successfully meet your budget and deliver you value for money.

Our team will visit your site and conduct a full assessment to assess your needs. We will devise a detailed and accurate plan and we will only make beneficial recommendations. Each team member is a skilled, experienced and trustworthy professional who has been thoroughly vetted and can provide a service that exceeds all expectations.

We can offer an exclusive one off Blitz service, regular cleaning, caretaking services, window cleaning and floor and grounds maintenance, ensuring that each and every area of the school and its grounds are comprehensively taken care of. By taking pride in every aspect of our work we ensure outstanding results.