Keeping your carpets in the best condition

Carpets are the best flooring covers in terms of locking in dust and dirt rather than allowing it to settle on the surface. This makes them a great choice from a hygiene and allergy point of view, but the fact that they are made from softer materials mean they require regular care. Your carpeting will have to be cleaned frequently if you want it to stay hygienic and avoid high wear. It also needs specialist attention if you spill anything on it or need to get out tough stains or soiling.

The amount and type of cleaning your carpet needs will depend on several factors including the pattern and colour, the material, how it was installed and the location. Some carpets are easier to look after than others but in all cases they will need to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and dust that is locked into the materials. To do this effectively you need the right kind of vacuum cleaner. In commercial settings you’ll want to go for a device that suits the size of the space.

Cleaning the carpet regularly will offer many benefits including keeping the air clean and making the room smell fresher. On top of this it will also help to maintain the aesthetics of the carpet, reducing wear and ensuring you get the best return for your investment. Carpets that are neglected will quickly get dirty and become homes to germs, bacteria and even mould if you aren’t careful.

As well as vacuuming you may need to shampoo the carpet and wash it so you can give it a deep clean. This is important for removing stains, trapped dirt and other unwanted things that get locked into the fabric. When you do this you need to choose the right product and give the cover a suitable amount of time to dry afterwards. With thicker carpets be careful with how much water you use because this will take longer to dry.

If you want professional cleaning services in Bristol that will keep your carpets fresh and clean we are the provider for you. We follow a strict process to produce the best results. This begins by vacuuming the carpet using a powerful industrial vacuum to remove as much of the dirt as possible. After this we pre-treat stubborn stains so they come up more easily. We follow this by treating the whole carpet. To finish, we extract stains and dirt using state of the art cleaning equipment. In just a few hours your carpeting will be dry, clean and ready to use. You don’t need to search anywhere else for comprehensive, thorough and professional cleaning services in Bristol and Bath.