Blitz cleaning your home

Spring is coming, and many of us are looking to freshen up our homes, clear out the junk and get ready for a new start. If you are looking into giving your home a thorough spring clean, then you can always count on the services of the experts to help you. We offer a huge variety of services for domestic and commercial cleaning in Bristol, and can provide a one-off deep blitz clean that will get your home sparkling.

Spring cleaning can involve a lot of time and hard work. You want to thoroughly dispose of all of the items that you no longer have a need for, and you want to clean all the hard to reach places that you do not clean on a regular basis. From the carpets, to the upholstery, to the windows and skirting boards, you want to make sure every nook and cranny is completely clean. This is just what we’ll do when we are spring cleaning your property.

Whatever your requirements, our blitz cleaning service will fulfil them. This package is designed to provide a very thorough clean as quickly as possible. We perform a deep and attentive clean on practically every aspect of your home. We can thoroughly clean your kitchen and bathroom, cleaning all of your appliances from your shower to your stove. We’ll remove limescale from grout, and thoroughly clean all tiles, fixtures and fittings throughout your house. We can clean your carpets, furniture upholstery and linoleum, and we can even strip hard floors and thoroughly polish them. If you have an insect infestation such as bed bugs, we can provide the correct treatments, and can also remove all of the household waste that you have accumulated and want disposing of.

When you desire a deep and thorough clean of your home, or you need any other kind of domestic or commercial cleaning in Bristol, our team can provide it for you. We take great pride in the work that we do and will gladly work in private residences, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our cleaning skill and expertise. Our highly trained and CRB checked staff will ensure that all cleaning is carried out thoroughly and that you remain safe in the comfort of your home whilst they are working.