Safety is vital in cleaning services

Keeping office environments clean is important for several reasons, including looking out for the wellbeing of staff and ensuring you will deliver the best impression for visitors. Desks are renowned for housing germs, and illnesses in the workplace can spread quickly if you don’t have the right cleaning processes in place. It will be an ongoing job but it needs to be done. We specialise in office cleaning in Bristol, and can provide conscientious services that are always focused on health and safety.

Businesses need to comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations to make sure their cleaning practices aren’t inadvertently causing harm to inhabitants of the property. They also need to work within the REACH framework that dictates the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. Compliance with both of these is important; companies that do not can find themselves facing several penalties. We use only the most suitable cleaning materials to ensure your company fully complies with all the required regulations.

We will always carry out a complete risk assessment to determine the impact of using various cleaning products. As part of the examination, we consider the chemicals present in each cleaning product as well as the fumes, vapours and mists that come from using them. Any residue left behind also needs to be accounted for to ensure that there is minimal chance of a hazard.

Individual cleaning products may be safe to use separately, but when they come into contact with each other there can be problems. Our team have an in depth understanding of the potential for hazards and ensure that everything is completely safe to use.

When you choose us for your office cleaning in Bristol, Bath and throughout the surrounding areas, you can rest assured that we are equipped to do the job safely and effectively, following all professional guidelines. The most important thing is to get a quality cleaning service that doesn’t put inhabitants of the property at risk, and this is exactly what we offer. We can offer reliable services to suit the needs of any business, whether you have a large workspace or a small one.