Providing expert window cleaning services

Having your windows cleaned is an important service. It allows natural light to enter the building and also provides you, your workers and any guests with a pleasant working environment. As we specialise in all kinds of commercial cleaning in Bristol and Bath, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a cleaning service that leaves your windows sparkling. In doing so, you are promoting an environment that is enjoyable to work in, that is filled with natural light and that looks inviting to any guests that you have.

Cleaning windows can be a difficult task, particularly if you own a property that has multiple storeys. You want to ensure that all the windows are cleaned thoroughly and in a uniform fashion, regardless of how high they are. In order to achieve this, we use state of the art systems and tools to ensure an even clean across all of your windows. We use hot water that is pure and distilled, and we don’t use any detergents to ensure that no streaks are left following the cleaning operation. We also don’t use ladders, instead opting for the Reach and Wash system that can reach heights of up to 65 feet. This means that your exterior windows can be thoroughly cleaned without the need for equipment such as ladders, which can compromise health and safety.

With our team, you can be assured of a cleaning operation that is thorough and precise. We take pride in everything that we do and that comes out in the work of our cleaning teams. All of the premises our teams are assigned to are also assigned a manager to ensure that we are doing the best job possible. Technology is used to monitor the time that staff spend on site, to ensure that they are being effective with their cleaning. You can be fully assured that our team of well trained cleaners will provide you with only the highest quality of service when you come to us for any kind of commercial cleaning in Bristol.