Let the light flood into your office

If you have commercial premises you have probably put a lot of work into making the exterior of your building as inviting and appealing as possible. It is important to show potential clients and customers that you keep up with the maintenance of your premises as it makes a good impression and helps to instil an immediate sense of trust in your business. The windows are a big part of the visual exterior of any building, and they need to be as clean and well kept as the rest of the property.

Commercial window cleaning demands high quality materials and skilled professionals who can produce outstanding results that last. Now that winter is here, we can expect more than our fair share of rain in the UK, but a stellar cleaning service can keep your windows looking good whatever the weather.

We provide professional commercial cleaning in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas and we carry out every job to the highest possible standards. We are fully compliant with health and safety regulations and we do not utilise ladders. Instead, we make use of our specialised Reach and Wash system that can safely be operated from ground level and access anywhere up to 65ft. High access equipment and hard to reach windows are no longer a problem with our revolutionary system, and we are able to reach all fascia boards, canopies and panelling.

We use our own distilled water which leaves all exterior glass completely clear and free from streaks. Our materials and water are of such high quality there is no need for the use of detergents and chemicals, ensuring that your window frames will not suffer any damage from the cleaning process.

Window cleaners can cause a distraction for staff and other people on site. If you have an important meeting the last thing you want is your client’s attention diverted. As we do not use unstable equipment such as ladders, our service completely removes any chance of cleaners at your window during work hours along with any risk of potential accidents and injury.

Our professional services will ensure you never have to concern yourself with the appearance of your windows again. We strive to deliver a thorough and dedicated cleaning service and deliver flawless results every time, ensuring that your workplace can benefit from natural light throughout the whole year.