Why Is Cleaning Important In Healthcare?

why healthcare cleaning is important

Cleaning in the healthcare industry is critical to both patient safety and healthcare workers. By utilising a regular medical cleaning service, healthcare settings can adhere to the high standards set and create a healthy, safe environment for visitors and staff. 5 Reasons Healthcare Cleaning Is Essential Infection Control Locations such as hospital environments treat various […]

How Are Trains Cleaned: Step-By-Step Guide

How Are Trains Cleaned

Train Cleaning Guide & Tips When you board a train, be it the London Underground or any train carriage across the UK, the cleanliness can significantly influence your travel experience. At CCS, we are a commercial cleaning company specialising in public transport cleaning services.  With public transport being a hub of diverse foot traffic, maintaining […]

How To Clean A Church: Step-By-Step Guide

how to clean a church guide

Cleaning a church involves various steps due to the intricacy of the architecture and high-touch areas from various visitors daily. Managing your own daily, weekly or monthly church cleaning checklist can be difficult, therefore using a professional cleaning service is key. In this blog, we are going to share a general guide on how to […]

Why Is Commercial Cleaning Important?

why is commercial cleaning important

The Importance Of Commercial Cleaning Commercial cleaning is essential for all businesses. Whether you are a store, office place, small cafe or running a healthcare centre, investing in a cleaning service is key.  Whilst it is critical for health and safety reasons, it can also create a setting for employees to thrive and attract new […]

How To Clean A Shop Floor

how to clean a shop floor

How To Create A Sparkling Shop Floor Keeping a shop floor pristine creates a welcoming environment that encourages customers to return. At CCS, we specialise in making sure that commercial spaces like supermarkets, shops, and offices maintain the highest level of cleanliness.  Here’s our guide on how you can keep your shop floor spotless, tackling […]

How To Clean A Bus: Step-By-Step Guide

how to clean a bus

Buses, in particular, are high-traffic environments that require consistent attention and specialised care. At CCS, we have years of experience in public transport cleaning. Our team can provide a flexible, affordable professional service for locations in the South West. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to clean a bus effectively, ensuring passengers […]

How To Clean a Warehouse: Step By Step Guide

how to clean a warehouse

Cleaning a warehouse can be difficult for businesses due to the vast space and continuously high-traffic areas. This is why it is essential to partner with a regular cleaning service to complete the job professionally. If you are completely light cleaning jobs in-house on a day to day basis, it’s important to create a cleaning […]

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

eco friendly cleaning products

6 Eco Friendly Cleaning Products UK We have explored a range of eco friendly cleaning products available for businesses and households looking for greener alternatives. Invest in these products and start incorporating sustainability into your cleaning schedule: 1. Clover TRECOS, from Clover Chemicals, is a specially selected range of existing products which attain excellent environmental […]

What Is A Deep Clean In Schools?

deep clean in schools

Step-By-Step Deep Cleaning Guide For Schools A deep clean in schools refers to a thorough and intensive cleaning process that goes beyond the standard daily or weekly cleaning routines. This type of cleaning is typically more comprehensive and may be done periodically or in response to specific incidents or needs.  The objective of a deep […]

Why Cleaning Is Important At The Workplace

Why Cleaning Is Important At The Workplace

What Are The Benefits Of A Clean Workplace? Keeping your work space clean improves morale, reduces the spread of illness, and helps with increasing productivity across your team. At an office, your work areas need a regular cleaning schedule to not only keep a hygienic workplace but also for a positive impact on the work […]