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office design

The Changing Face Of Office Design

Why A Good Office Design Is Key We all expect more from our workplace than previous generations, and employers and office designers are definitely upping their game. But one generation appears to be particularly sensitive to the physical and emotional environment in which they work, and that is generation Y- otherwise known as millennials.

exercises at your desk

4 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Exercises To Relieve Pain & Stress At Your Desk At CCS we like to think of ourselves as more than just a cleaning company, but as your trusted partner for all your cleaning, hygiene, and general well-being needs. After all, a healthy office is a happy and productive office. Sitting at your desk all day…

office layout ideas

Which Office Layout Is The Best?

Is Your Office Layout Important?   There is heated debate as to what type of office layout is the most popular and productive. Open plan office, cubicles, hotdesking or working from home. Everyone has a preference, but which is the most productive and does it really matter? A recent study by Kristine Spure on Trello…