Cleaning Industry Statistics UK 2024

Cleaning Industry Statistics

The cleaning industry in the UK has emerged as a vital contributor to the UK economy. This sector, encompassing commercial cleaning services, cleaning companies, and various cleaning businesses, not only plays a crucial role in maintaining hygiene and health standards but also significantly impacts employment and economic growth.

4 Cleaning Industry Statistics

Contribution to the UK Economy

1. The annual revenue from the cleaning sector in the UK amounted to around £55 billion in 2018.

The cleaning industry is a substantial part of the UK economy. It encompasses a wide range of services from commercial cleaning in office buildings and public spaces to residential cleaning. The economic contribution of this sector is multi-faceted, involving revenue generation and employment opportunities.

Scope of the Cleaning Industry

2. In the United Kingdom, the revenue in the Household Cleaners market is projected to reach US$1.54bn in 2024.

The cleaning sector in the UK is diverse, providing services that range from basic housekeeping to specialised industrial cleaning. This diversity is reflected in the range of cleaning companies operating in the market, from small, family-run businesses to large multinational corporations.

Commercial Cleaning

3. In 2020 there were 66,420 cleaning businesses in the UK, up from almost 60,000 in 2016.

Commercial cleaning services form a significant portion of the industry. They are essential for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of commercial spaces like offices, schools, hospitals, and retail outlets. The demand for these services directly correlates with the health and safety standards required in public spaces.

Employment in the Cleaning Sector

4. Nearly 450,000 people work in the commercial cleaning sector.

One of the most significant aspects of the cleaning industry is employment. Thousands of people work in this sector, making it one of the leading employers in the UK. The workforce is diverse, ranging from part-time workers to full-time professionals, offering opportunities for various skill levels.

The Cleaning Industry’s Impact

The cleaning industry in the UK is a dynamic and essential part of the economy. It not only contributes significantly to the UK’s GDP but also provides substantial employment opportunities. With its continued growth and diversification, the cleaning sector is set to remain a crucial component of the UK’s economic landscape.