BICSc and CSSA Collaboration: The Future of Cleaning

The Future of Cleaning

BICSc and CSSA Innovation Collaboration

The British Institute of Cleaning Science and the Cleaning and Support Services Association have partnered with the University of Surrey. This is to complete a new study on the impact of technology in the cleaning sector, and how this may influence the future of cleaning.

This partnership aims to explore innovations specifically driven by technology, such as the impact of machinery, IoT sensors, robotics, and data collectors. 


Why Are They Exploring These Innovations?

The BICSc Group managing director has shared how this study will present the benefits of using tech automation in the cleaning industry. Enabling us to act more efficiently and productively whilst achieving cleanliness and hygiene. The research will also help them understand how cleaning training will need to change whilst these new technologies are introduced. 

Supply partners supporting the project include Birkin Group, Infogrid, SoftBank Robotics UK Ltd., ICE, Kärcher UK, Numatic International, Killis Robotics, TASKI – The Ultimate Cleaning Machines, Orion Eco Solutions and Safer Space Limited.


How Are IoT Sensors Used In The Cleaning Industry?

IoT (Internet of Things) sensors are increasingly being used in the cleaning industry to improve efficiency, productivity, and the overall quality of cleaning. These sensors are integrated into various cleaning equipment and processes to provide real-time data and automation capabilities. 

IoT sensors can be installed in cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, and sweepers to remotely monitor their status and performance. This allows cleaning companies to track the location of equipment, monitor usage, and receive alerts for maintenance and repairs.

In commercial cleaning, sensors can also be installed to collect data on building occupancy levels, usage of cleaning supplies, air quality parameters and waste levels. This can all be used to impact cleaning schedules and methods used during cleaning services.


CCS Cleaning Innovations

At CCS cleaning, we are constantly staying ahead of the trends and utilising the best cleaning equipment and methods in the industry. If you are looking for innovative commercial cleaning services that also have a strong focus on eco-friendly solutions, get in touch today.