Why Is Cleaning Important In Healthcare?

why healthcare cleaning is important

Cleaning in the healthcare industry is critical to both patient safety and healthcare workers. By utilising a regular medical cleaning service, healthcare settings can adhere to the high standards set and create a healthy, safe environment for visitors and staff.

5 Reasons Healthcare Cleaning Is Essential

  • Infection Control

Locations such as hospital environments treat various patients with infections. Professional cleaning will help disinfect the premises and minimise the risk of acquired infections spreading amongst visitors. 

  • Meeting Environmental Cleaning Standards

The National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021 apply to all healthcare environments, and are set to continuously improve cleanliness in healthcare. The general principles involve cleaning, disinfection, decontamination, and sterilisation, with the importance of each as its own principle to be understood. 

The new standards apply to all healthcare settings including acute hospitals, mental health, community, primary care, dental care, ambulance trusts, GP surgeries and clinics, and care homes. Also, with high costs associated with medical malpractice claims, it is essential to keep on top of hospital hygiene and in other healthcare settings.

  • Keeping Staff and Patients Safe

Regular cleaning of infected areas and locations such as high touch points will help keep workers such as hospital staff and visitors safe. Cleaning staff understand the correct choice of disinfectant agent and will ensure harmful microorganisms are reduced. 

This process will reduce the risk of healthcare professionals contracting illnesses from the workplace. This not only ensures their health but also reduces absenteeism, ensuring that the healthcare facility remains adequately staffed.

With routine cleaning schedules, clinics and hospitals can minimise germs, improve air quality, and ensure objects such as tables and equipment are left safe.

  • Improve The Appearance Of Your Healthcare Setting

Whilst the key to regular cleaning is associated with safety, the appearance of your setting is also an important point to discuss. Creating a fresh, healthy atmosphere is proven to create a happier environment and can make visitors feel relaxed. Studies have also shown that staff have increased productivity when working in a clean environment.

A visibly clean facility can bolster the public’s trust and confidence in the care they are receiving. On the other hand, a poorly maintained environment can raise doubts about the facility’s overall standards and care quality.

  • Patient Recovery Time

A clean environment has been linked to faster and more effective patient recovery. When patients are in a clean, sanitised environment, there’s a reduced risk of acquiring secondary infections, which can hinder their recovery. 

Additionally, a clean environment can have positive psychological effects, promoting a sense of well-being and comfort.

Professional Healthcare Cleaning

At CCS, we specialise in GP, dental care, healthcare clinics and hospital cleaning. Our professional team can ensure your location is left gleaming with safety at the forefront of our processes. If you are looking for a specialist cleaning team then get in touch today to receive your free quote.