Accounting for health and safety needs

Employers need to take steps to account for the health and safety needs of their staff in all working environments, whether it is shop floors, warehouses or offices. Each setting will have specific hazards to deal with and will need a set of protocols to keep everybody safe.

Tackling tricky industrial cleans

Industrial premises usually have stricter cleaning requirements than residential or commercial properties because there are more potential hazards to account for. These same sites are typically harder to clean because of the presence of machinery, stock and equipment. Surfaces in these settings are also often made of more difficult materials so cleaning them becomes more […]

Make sure your corporate windows sparkle

The outside of any professional premises need to be well kept and maintained to make a good impression on visitors, clients and customers. The most common complaints from UK businesses about their window cleaners are that they are unreliable and they leave streaky windows. Many people who clean their own windows know the frustration of […]

Cut down on lost office productivity

Offices can become dirty quite quickly due to the fact that many people are spending many hours of the day working in them. Desks, keyboards, phones, kitchens, appliances, flooring and furniture can all quickly become unhygienic when they are being used frequently day in, day out. In order to keep everything clean, you need regular […]

Creating a strong working relationship with your cleaner

There are many benefits to be enjoyed from having a good relationship with your cleaner, including ensuring you receive the best services as and when you need them. Whether it is a large company or a single provider, it is essential you communicate clearly with them on a regular basis to ensure your needs are […]

Get the house you desire with a blitz clean

Though many of us may clean our homes on a daily basis, it often isn’t enough to truly get rid of all the dirt that builds up from day to day life. Over time, dirt and grime can become entrenched in carpets, fabrics and nooks and crannies, necessitating a deeper clean. A thorough, professional deep […]

Impress customers with impeccable carpets and upholstery

When commercial carpets and upholstery become dirty or suffer from unsightly stains, it can have a detrimental effect on your business. Every business owner knows the importance of making a good impression on clients, and when your interior fabrics, upholstery, carpets, chairs and couches are in serious decline, it can lead them to form an […]

When industrial cleaning is required, turn to the experts

A clean workplace is a safe workplace, and this is particularly true for industrial businesses. It is important to ensure that surroundings are kept as clean as possible at all times to prevent hazards from arising from a poorly maintained workspace. We are here to provide help for businesses that need help or an extra […]

The importance of a clean shop

Keeping a shop clean and pleasant is important if you want to give the right impression to customers. Failing to do so can result in customers opting not to make a purchase and may even put them off from wanting to return. This can put your business at serious risk, not to mention the fact […]

Offering a catalogue of cleaning services for our clients

Every professional environment needs to kept clean in order to meet established health and safety regulations. Whether we undertake a contract in a school or office, we always deliver nothing less than the highest quality service and we ensure that we maintain clean and safe workplaces. A pleasant environment is not only important for safety, […]