Impress customers with impeccable carpets and upholstery

When commercial carpets and upholstery become dirty or suffer from unsightly stains, it can have a detrimental effect on your business. Every business owner knows the importance of making a good impression on clients, and when your interior fabrics, upholstery, carpets, chairs and couches are in serious decline, it can lead them to form an instantly negative opinion despite the quality of your services. The benefits of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning are numerous, and we can provide a high quality and trusted service as part of our commercial cleaning in Bath, Bristol and surrounding regions.

Cleanliness in the workplace doesn’t only have a positive effect on visitors, but also helps to keep your employees happy. When people work in clean and pleasant environments, they are much more likely to feel good about their surroundings and maintain high motivation levels. Professional cleaning services are a great investment for a business in every way.

We assure our customers that our services are of the highest possible standards and there is no cleaning task we cannot undertake. We have vast experience in all aspects of commercial carpet cleaning and we have acquired a first class reputation. We have transformed many carpets and furniture items for a wide range of customers and we ensure outstanding results despite the condition and level of dirt.

Our team use powerful industrial machines to thoroughly collect all dirt and dust from the carpet before applying specialised treatments. We then apply a pre-treatment to any stubborn or ground-in stains to ensure they will not reappear. We then treat the entire carpet and leave the treatment for 30 minutes to ensure great results. Finally, we extract all the dirt and stains with efficient cleaning equipment that leaves completely stain free carpets 95% of the time. Our swift and efficient service ensures your carpets will dry in a few short hours, minimising any interruption to your business.

We can successfully treat carpets and upholstery tarnished with coffee, alcohol, tea, chocolate, chewing gum, solids and more. We offer fixed prices with absolutely no hidden charges. If you need cost-efficient and reliable commercial carpet cleaning, or any other kind of commercial cleaning in Bath, call us today and we will arrange a visit to fully assess your requirements.