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Does Cleaning Solar Panels Make A Difference?

Does Cleaning Solar Panels Make A Difference?

Yes! Cleaning your solar panel makes a huge difference to both the solar panel’s efficiency and appearance.  Professional solar panel cleaning services ensure dirty solar panels are cleaned thoroughly, removing obstructions such as bird droppings, dust and dirt. Solar panels work by the PV cells absorbing the sunlight that hits the panels. When this surface […]

Hand Hygiene Tips For Commercial Bathrooms

Hand Hygiene Tips

According to the NHS, germs like salmonella and E. coli can survive on washroom surfaces for as long as four hours. Whilst bathrooms are high-traffic areas where germs can spread easily, we must ensure both professional cleaning and individual care. At CCS, we provide commercial bathroom cleaning services across the South West. Regular professional cleaning […]

How To Spring Clean Your House

How To Spring Clean Your House

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your living space. With the arrival of warmer days, there’s no better opportunity to undertake a deep clean of your home. This guide is designed to provide you with effective spring cleaning tips and a room-by-room spring cleaning checklist, ensuring that every corner of your house […]

BICSc and CSSA Collaboration: The Future of Cleaning

The Future of Cleaning

BICSc and CSSA Innovation Collaboration The British Institute of Cleaning Science and the Cleaning and Support Services Association have partnered with the University of Surrey. This is to complete a new study on the impact of technology in the cleaning sector, and how this may influence the future of cleaning. This partnership aims to explore […]

Office Spring Cleaning

Office Spring Cleaning

As spring approaches, it’s an ideal time to rejuvenate your workspace. At CCS, we understand the transformative power of a clean and tidy environment on productivity and morale.  This guide, infused with expert insights from our seasoned cleaning service, is designed to help you navigate the thorough process of office spring cleaning. We’ve included an […]

Why Regular School Cleaning Is Essential

Regular School Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness in schools is not just about aesthetics; it’s a crucial aspect that impacts the health, safety, and learning environment for students. Regular, thorough cleaning using high quality cleaning products and professional cleaning services plays a vital role in ensuring a conducive learning atmosphere.  This article delves into the benefits of keeping schools clean […]

Cleaning Facts That May Shock You

cleaning facts

We’re diving into some eye-opening cleaning facts that may shock you. These insights not only highlight the often-overlooked areas in our daily cleaning routines but also underscore the vital role of professional cleaning services. This is to ensure a safe and sanitary environment.  So, prepare to be surprised, informed, and motivated to take your cleanliness […]

Cleaning Industry Statistics UK 2024

Cleaning Industry Statistics

The cleaning industry in the UK has emerged as a vital contributor to the UK economy. This sector, encompassing commercial cleaning services, cleaning companies, and various cleaning businesses, not only plays a crucial role in maintaining hygiene and health standards but also significantly impacts employment and economic growth. 4 Cleaning Industry Statistics Contribution to the […]

Why Is Cleaning Important In Healthcare?

why healthcare cleaning is important

Cleaning in the healthcare industry is critical to both patient safety and healthcare workers. By utilising a regular medical cleaning service, healthcare settings can adhere to the high standards set and create a healthy, safe environment for visitors and staff. 5 Reasons Healthcare Cleaning Is Essential Infection Control Locations such as hospital environments treat various […]

How Are Trains Cleaned: Step-By-Step Guide

How Are Trains Cleaned

Train Cleaning Guide & Tips When you board a train, be it the London Underground or any train carriage across the UK, the cleanliness can significantly influence your travel experience. At CCS, we are a commercial cleaning company specialising in public transport cleaning services.  With public transport being a hub of diverse foot traffic, maintaining […]