How To Clean Epoxy Resin Floors

How To Clean Epoxy Resin Floors

Cleaning Epoxy Resin Flooring

Car showrooms often utilise epoxy resin floors for their durability, shine and easy clean properties. However, this type of flooring will often succumb to spillages from oil, car chemicals and other harsh chemicals due to the environment. 

In this article, we are sharing the best practices for caring for your epoxy floor surface. As specialists in car dealership and showroom cleaning solutions, we can ensure your surface is free from dirt and grit. 

General Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Epoxy Resin Flooring

Scrubbing Brush and Warm Water

Spills can be cleaned straight off epoxy floors. You can use a scrubbing brush or mop and warm water to clean away any accidents. Take extra precautions by using a soft brush attachment so that no scratches damage the flooring surface.

Avoid Using Soap Based Cleaners

Soap-based cleaning products and citrus cleaners are not recommended when cleaning epoxy floors. These products cause a haze to appear and can cause the surface to break down. Clean epoxy flooring using soft brushes after running the vacuum cleaner to pick up any debris left from vehicles.

Avoid Steel Wool Brushes

Steel wool and hard brushes should always be avoided when cleaning epoxy flooring. These products may scratch the surface, causing unsightly marks for your showroom.

Set Up A Regular Cleaning Schedule

Make sure to set up a regular cleaning schedule to minimise the risk of irreversible damage to your flooring. By keeping on top of the cleaning and removing dirt or marks as they appear, you can keep the surface free from damage.

What Are Epoxy Resin Floors Made Of?

Epoxy flooring is made from a mixture of synthetic resin and hardening agent. This then forms a plastic-like floor coating, creating a strong, shimmery finish. With a luxurious feeling, the flooring shine mirrors vehicles, making it a great choice for showrooms.

We Provide Floor Cleaning For Showrooms

At CCS we provide professional cleaning services for showrooms. This includes cleaning floors, windows, upholstery, furniture and more. With the help of our specialist services, your space can reflect the quality of your vehicles and attract potential customers. Get in touch with us today to find out more and arrange a cleaning schedule to suit your dealership.