Sustainable Industrial Cleaning Products

Sustainable Industrial Cleaning Products

The industrial sector is home to various types of businesses, including manufacturers, factories, construction and distribution centres. Cleaning these locations can be a task, with their large spaces, high activity and hazardous substances. 

Regular cleaning must be completed to ensure businesses adhere to best practices and health and safety standards. However, with this regularity, people are turning to sustainable alternatives to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

In this article, we are going to explore 4 sustainable industrial cleaning products that your business can utilise. 

4 Sustainable Industrial Cleaning Products

Eco-Max All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaning for surfaces such as floors, countertops and equipment, the Eco-Max refill is tough on grease and grime. This product is never tested on animals, recyclable, biodegradable, suitable for septic tanks and made with 100% green electricity.

Sustainable Industrial Cleaning

Delphis Eco Window Cleaner

Delphis Commercial Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner is safe to use on ceramic surfaces, mirrors, and chrome. The product boasts reduced impact on aquatic life and use of hazardous substances, and is Made from plant-derived renewable and sustainable resources. 

Janstar Hygiene Hand Wash

To reduce the spread of illness and substances, using an effective yet eco-friendly hand wash in bathrooms is key. The Janstar Hygiene Hand Wash is created with a natural antibacterial agent and biodegradable ingredients. This product is ideal for soap dispensers across industrial businesses.

Bio Productions Orange Squirt 

Orange Squirt is manufactured by Bio Productions, tackling tasks including spot-cleaning on carpets and all types of hard surfaces. The spray and wipe cleaner is an eco-friendly product, described as an environmentally friendly option for cleaning and degreasing.

Sustainable Industrial Cleaning Services

We provide industrial cleaning services, utilising sustainable cleaning products and processes. Our business prides itself on delivering high-quality cleaning services with minimal impact on the planet. If you are looking for industrial cleaning services in the South West, UK, we are your solution. Simply get in touch today to find out more and arrange a cleaning schedule to suit your business.