The UK’s First Biological Paper Cleaning Sachets

UK’s First Biological Paper Cleaning Sachets

Whilst sustainable cleaning practices and products have been pushed to the forefront of the industry, Biological Preparations has introduced an innovative new cleaning sachet. This is the UK’s first biological paper cleaning sachet to help individuals and businesses minimise their environmental footprint.

Biological Preparations cleaning sachet

How Is The Paper Cleaning Sachet Sustainable?

The new generation of Biotechnology and Ecotechnology targets dirt, grime, grease and odours with natural ingredients and low-hazardous formulas. With the use of sustainable materials and recyclable packaging, they are reducing ​​c02 emissions by up to 80%. 

The paper sachets fully dissolve and Reduce transport and storage needs by>99% compared to RTU. The new formula replaces chemical-based cleaning agents with bio-renewable plant-based alternatives, allowing for a green clean. Whilst the packaging is fully recyclable, the business can ensure less waste is disposed of using landfills.

Who Are Biological Preparations?

Biological Preparations is an industry leader in environmental and bio-technology. They are passionate about creating environmentally-friendly solutions, replacing harmful, non-renewable technology with eco-friendly alternatives. They work across cleaning including disinfection, odour control, handcare, and bioremediation. 

Why Is Sustainable Cleaning Essential?

Sustainable cleaning practices reduce pollution and waste, minimise the use of natural resources, and lower carbon footprints. By using eco-friendly products and methods, we help preserve biodiversity, protect ecosystems, and combat climate change.

Conventional cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals that can pose health risks to humans and animals. Sustainable cleaning products are designed to be less hazardous, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of allergies, respiratory problems, and skin irritations.

Adopting sustainable cleaning practices raises awareness about environmental issues and encourages individuals and businesses to take responsibility for their environmental impact. It fosters a culture of sustainability that can extend beyond cleaning to influence broader eco-friendly practices and policies.

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