The importance of providing a clean and safe learning environment

The importance of providing a clean and safe school environment for children is clear. A child’s school years are a time to learn and grow in safety, and schools have a duty of care to protect their students from sickness and injury.

Whilst most people can recall their favourite teacher, few notice the work undertaken by cleaners, caretakers and grounds maintenance personnel, whose roles are just as important in providing that secure learning environment.

Hygiene in schools

Young children are not always the most hygienically minded. Despite efforts to raise awareness around hand hygiene in schools, regular and thorough cleaning will always be the most effective method of preventing outbreaks, such as Norovirus, which are common within schools.

Our school cleaning services ensure a clean, hygienic and orderly environment that will help to reduce the spread of illness – which studies have shown cause kids to miss on average 4.5 days a year, and staff 5.3 days a year.

As well as preventing illness, A clean school supports a positive learning experience; it teaches respect for property and the environment; it encourages good hygiene practices, such as hand washing; and also provides a positive image of the school for visitors and parents, reassuring them of their child’s safety and well-being.

Safeguarding student safety

When working with children, safety is always our highest priority. We take every step to ensure that our staff are fully vetted and suitable for working in a school environment. Our school cleaning services are designed to ensure that students and teachers alike are afforded a safe and clean place to work and study.

Our caretakers and grounds maintenance teams are also dedicated to ensuring that the school building, playground and other facilities are well maintained, secure and safe; Reducing the chances of accidents and injury.

Our school cleaning services

CCS provides expert school cleaning services throughout the South West of England. All of our school cleaners have passed through the strictest of vetting procedures, and are highly trained to use and prepare cleaning agents safely and responsibly in schools.

If you are looking for a specialist cleaning contractor for your school, call us on 0800 4488026.