Making your office furniture look like new again

Over time, the furniture and floors in your office are subjected to a large amount of wear and tear. Food and drink spillages can play havoc with the appearance and quality of chairs and carpets over the years, not to mention dirty hands, shoes, dust, pollutants and other contaminants. As time goes on chairs, curtains and carpets can turn into a haven for dirt and germs. Professional upholstery cleaning can restore your furnishings to their original condition and ensure your staff, clients and visitors are able to enjoy a pleasant environment with a fresh and clean aroma.

An unpleasant odour is a clear sign of upholstery and fabric in great need of a thorough clean. When bad smells are permeating through your office the use of air fresheners will only slightly mask the offending scent, but professional cleaning will get rid of it for good.

When tiny specks of dirt find their way into furnishings they eventually accumulate, wearing down the fibres and weakening the whole fabric. This makes it look tired and tattered, but regular upholstery cleaning can keep fabric looking new for longer. We know that high quality furniture for business premises is not cheap and you don’t want to have to replace it frequently, so professional cleaning can offer you many financial benefits. A well maintained and presented office helps you make a good impression on potential clients, extends the lifespan of your furniture and prevents the need for expensive replacements.

As part of our wide range of services for office cleaning in Bath, Bristol and the entire South West, we offer affordable and quality carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our skilled team can tackle even the dirtiest of couches, office chairs, recliners, curtains and carpets.

We utilise industrial vacuum machines to remove all dirt and dust from carpets before pre-treating particularly strong stains. The entire carpet is then treated and left for a period of 30 minutes. Finally, we extract all dirt and stains using high tech cleaners to ensure outstanding results. Our clients can rest assured that in 95% of cases we are able to achieve completely stain free flooring.

If you need any kind of office cleaning in your Bath business premises, just give us a call and we will be happy to arrange a convenient visit. We provide fixed prices and a quality service to each of our valued clients.