The 5 most legendary hotel room wreckers of all time.

From throwing television sets out of windows to blowing up toilets, we all like to hear stories of legendary rock and roll hotel room trashings. Everyone that is except hotel owners and cleaners.

Although we clearly do not condone this type of behaviour, we’ve decided to indulge our rebellious side and revisit some of the most notorious rock and roll hell-raisers and their hotel trashing antics.

Keith Moon of The Who is perhaps the most notorious hotel room trasher of them all. On his 21st birthday in 1967 at a Holiday Inn hotel in the USA, Moon reportedly started a food fight, drove a car into the hotel’s swimming pool, and then blew up the toilet in his room, resulting in the band being banned from all Holiday Inns worldwide.

Black Sabbath front man Ozzy Osbourne, otherwise known as the ‘Prince of Darkness’, has never been far from controversy. His most famous misdemeanour involved biting the head of a bat, and in a similarly despicable act of animal cruelty he purportedly dismembered a shark and sprayed its blood around a hotel room. What the shark was doing in the hotel room in the first place is anyone’s guess.

Jimi Hendrix, despite his outlandish guitar style and fashion sense, was apparently a surprisingly shy character. That was until he went on a drug-fuelled rampage in a hotel room in Stockholm, Sweden, resulting in him being arrested and injuring his hand in the process.

80’s punk rocker, Billy Idol apparently ran up a $250,000 bar tab at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and caused $20,000 worth of damage before having to be tranquilised and evicted from the hotel.

More recently, Amy Winehouse and her then husband Blake Fielder were known for their tempestuous relationship, as several fellow guests of the Sanderson Hotel in London can attest after a furious row led to the police being called. The hotel had to call in external cleaning specialists to remove blood stains from the walls.

Thankfully, we have never had to deal with a cleaning problem of this magnitude, Bristol and Bath being somewhat off the rock and roll trail, but our cleaning staff do encounter a whole host of cleaning problems on a daily basis and provide expert cleaning services to all types of customers across the South West.

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