Sustainability Tips For The Office

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How To Make Your Office Greener

The impact your company’s operations have on the environment varies depending on the size and industry. However, even on a micro-scale, there are plenty of ways you can make your office space greener.

As well as helping the environment, improving energy efficiency, and employing ‘green’ practices, you can save the business some serious money. By employing these green office tips, you can also keep yourself and your colleagues healthier, fitter, and even more productive.

6 Green Tips For The Office

Switch it off

Unplug or turn off office equipment like PCs and TVs when they are not needed to save energy. It can also be handy to place informative posters around the office reminding people to turn off electricals. Better still, install sensors, energy efficient lighting, or smart systems to automatically turn lights off when rooms are empty. Investing in green energy is an essential step in creating a sustainable business.

On sunny days, make sure that you are making use of natural light and switching off light bulbs. This can not only reduce your environmental impact but also save money.

Go digital

Reduce waste such as paper by transitioning to a digital workflow. Use cloud storage, digital signatures, and online collaboration tools to minimise the need for printouts.

Walk or cycle

Instead of driving to work, why not walk or cycle? This can significantly help to reduce our carbon footprint, and soon create a more sustainable office.

If this is unfeasible, you can also arrange a regular car share with colleagues, or use public transport.

Office managers can incentivise employees to travel to work sustainably by offering loan schemes for buying bikes or season tickets. If you need a fleet of company vehicles, opt for electric or hybrid.

Buy Green

Insist on buying from green suppliers, including green cleaning products. Whether that’s office supplies, your energy supplier or sub-contractors, explore their environmental credentials and policies. At CCS cleaning, we work hard to act sustainably and use the most eco-friendly processes when cleaning offices.

You may also try to cater for lunches or meetings with local, organic, and sustainable food. This can include using proper cups, plates, and cutlery rather than disposable ones to reduce plastic waste. Also, make sure to bring in your own coffee cup to refill when purchasing drinks. This will help to reduce 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups used in the UK each year.

If you aren’t in charge of selecting suppliers, speak to the people who are and try to explain the benefits of buying green.

Grow plants around the office

Turn your workplace green by adding plants around the office. Office plants add more healthy oxygen to the workplace and improve indoor air pollution by removing volatile organic compounds like Benzene, Formaldehyde and Trichloroethylene from the air.

As well as helping the office to become a healthier and greener place to work, numerous studies have shown that plants in the office lead to increased work productivity.

office plants

Have A Recycling Policy

Make space in the office for recycling bins and try to get all employees to use them to recycle cans, plastic water bottles, and other recyclable items so that they don’t end up in the bin. Using recycled materials to create new products is incredibly important in reducing the extraction of raw resources.

A recycling policy is a great place to start if you are looking to make your office space greener. Having appropriate, clear recycling bins in place can also reduce clutter and litter, creating a cleaner office.

The Benefits Of A Sustainable Office

Happy Atmosphere

Ever walked into a space and felt an instant mood lift? Sustainable offices have that magic. Natural light, green plants, and clean air do wonders. It’s not just eco-friendly; it’s human-friendly.

Money in Your Pocket!

Energy-efficient gadgets, reduced paper waste, and water-saving fixtures all cut down those bills. Being eco-conscious is a great way for your business to save money in the long run.

Hello, Creativity

Being environmentally friendly can spark innovation. Finding sustainable solutions requires thinking outside the box. And that? That leads to some genius ideas.

Healthy Space

Cleaner air, fewer toxins, and more nature – it’s the recipe for wellness. Employees in sustainable offices often report feeling healthier and happier. This is key to reducing sick days and increasing productivity at work.

Magnet for Talent!

Today’s top talent cares about the planet. An eco-friendly office? It’s a shiny badge of honour. People admire businesses that are taking action to improve the workplace, as do consumers purchasing products.

Green Office Cleaning Solutions

If you are looking for office cleaning services that are committed to greener solutions, get in touch with our team. We provide services for businesses across the South West and have an experienced team of specialist cleaners ready to tackle your space.