How good cleanliness can improve a school’s Ofsted report

An upcoming Ofsted inspection can strike fear into the hearts of even the best run schools. They can make or break a school’s reputation and it is therefore vital to make a great impression and demonstrate all the strengths and effort invested in providing a safe and secure learning environment.

Even if a school takes every measure to ensure the quality of its teaching staff and resources, there are a number of indirect influences that can impact upon a school’s Ofsted report, and quality cleaning is certainly one of them.

The importance of cleanliness

Although school cleaning is not usually directly referenced in a school’s Ofsted report, cleaning is an essential part of providing a safe environment. The standards of cleanliness, hygiene and facilities maintenance contribute towards one of the key Ofsted evaluation criteria: The behaviour and safety of pupils at the school.

“School toilets were the first place I would visit. If a school can’t get the toilets right, it can make you wonder how much they care about their pupils and what else is deficient.”
(Former Ofsted inspector)

‘The behaviour and safety of pupils at the school’

Poor standards of cleanliness and building maintenance pose a direct threat to the safety of pupils whilst at school. If you read through past Ofsted reports, there are numerous examples where low standards of cleanliness and hygiene have attracted direct criticism within a school’s Ofsted report, undoing some of the hard work by the rest of the school.

We are specialists in cleaning for the education sector and have a large portfolio of satisfied schools. By appointing CCS to clean your school, you can ensure that not only will you not attract negative comments from Ofsted inspectors, but will generate positive remarks and comments from students, parents and staff alike.