How A Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

How A Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

6 Ways To Supercharge Your Productivity

According to a study by the Staples Corporation, 77% said they felt they produced a higher quality of work in a cleaner environment. Ensuring a clean and tidy office will help increase productivity and improve employee focus in the work environment.

We are now going to show you six easy hacks to supercharge your working day at the office…

Reduce Stress Levels & Increase Productivity In The Office

1. Don’t skip your lunch break

Our first tip may sound a little counter-intuitive. Surely you’ll get more done each day if you eat your lunch at your desk while you carry on working? In fact, research suggests that people who take their full lunch break are actually much more productive around the office for the rest of the day.

It’s important to go and get some fresh air while you eat, and escape from the working environment. Trust us, you’ll come back much more focused and ready to tackle the rest of the day with purpose.

2. Take a break

Don’t just limit your downtime to your lunch break. Take regular breaks throughout the day to stop you becoming unfocused in the office.

Some studies have shown that the most productive people in the office work for a period of 52 minutes and then take a 17-minute break. You can even use some of your office breaks to do a spot of exercise, which helps with mental health and boosting morale.

3. Keep hydrated to improve concentration

Okay, you’ve had enough time out now! It’s time to start getting things done…

And to help you do that you’ll need to drink lots of water throughout your working day.


Because science says so! Research shows that drinking lots of water can improve your office productivity by up to 14%.

4. Have a power hour where you really get the big things done

Now that you are hydrated and completely focused it’s time to have a Power Hour where you focus on the task at hand.

Remove all distractions and really concentrate in this one-hour period to supercharge your office productivity in one short session.

5. Install a Chrome extension such as WasteNoTime

Keep track of how much time you spend on various websites and social media accounts throughout the working week using Chrome apps such as WasteNoTime.

You can then use the app to automatically lock you out of certain sites after a set number of minutes so that you can focus your efforts where they are really needed in the office.

6. Use commercial cleaning services

Investing in a regular cleaning schedule for your office is key to creating a positive physical environment and reducing sick days. Having your office professionally cleaned comes with a range of benefits, which we have explored below.

The Benefits Of A Clean Office

First Impressions Count!

Ever walked into an office and thought, “Wow, this place is spotless!”? It speaks volumes. A pristine office not only looks professional but also shows you care about the little details. And trust me, clients notice those details.

Boost That Productivity!

It’s no secret – clutter leads to chaos. But a clean, organised workspace? That’s where the magic happens. Employees can think clearer, find things faster, and just generally get stuff done.

Health Is Wealth, Right?

Less dust, fewer germs, and minimal allergens. A clean office is basically a health haven. Fewer sick days, happier staff, and an all-round healthier environment.

Mood Lifter Alert!

Ever felt a mood boost walking into a clean room? That’s not just you! Bright, clean spaces uplift spirits. When the environment is fresh and tidy, it’s easier to stay positive and motivated.

Care For Your Assets.

Your office space, equipment, and furniture are investments. Regular cleaning ensures they last longer and stay in good condition. Protect what’s yours, and save money in the long run.


Get in touch with our team today to realise the advantages of having a clean office. We can work around your schedule and provide a bespoke cleaning solution catered to your needs.