5 cleaning jobs best left to the professionals

Cleaning is often overlooked, especially within start-ups or small businesses, and some business owners even think that they, or one of their employees, can keep on top of the cleaning themselves. Whilst washing up, emptying the bins and even a spot of vacuuming might not seem like rocket science, this in itself is not a sufficient cleaning regime.

A professional cleaning contractor will undertake a number of cleaning tasks not always immediately obvious, but nonetheless critical. Here are 5 cleaning jobs that are best left to the professionals:

Window cleaning

Cleaning windows can be dangerous, and anything above head height requires specialist health and safety training and equipment. Even internal windows can be a stretch and you should never stand on chairs or tables; even climbing a ladder poses significant health and safety risks and shouldn’t be undertaken by anyone without the relevant training. A professional cleaning contractor will have the right equipment, training and insurance in place to minimise any risk or damage.

Carpet cleaning

Daily vacuuming is only the start when it comes to carpet care. Office carpets deal with a lot of traffic and caring for them properly will not only prevent those inevitable tea and coffee spills from staining the carpets, but will clean deep into the pile and help to dramatically increase the lifespan of your carpets.

Steam cleaners can be bought or hired but, if you don’t know how to use them, you could cause irreparable damage and your carpet could end up looking worse than it did before. By employing a cleaning contractor that has expertise in carpet care, you could save money by getting it done properly first time, reinvigorating your carpets and saving yourself the cost of re-carpeting for at least a few more years!

Sanitising and sterilising

If your business operates in the healthcare sector, or has special requirements to maintain sterile environments, you’ll be using a specialist cleaning provider as a matter of course. For most other places of work or study, identifying where to focus your attention to sanitise to prevent outbreaks of cold and flu is far from straightforward. In environments such as schools and offices, illness can spread throughout the population in a matter of hours and preventing or controlling this is a much more complicated task than just keeping kitchens and toilets clean and sanitary.

Large-scale cleaning

Even with the best will in the world, no one is going to be able to clean an office thoroughly by themselves after a hard day’s work, at least not consistently. Upscaling your cleaning regime from the home to the office isn’t going to cut it. Professional cleaners are trained in efficient cleaning methods and productivity is one of the key challenges, even for professional cleaning teams.


No amount of elbow grease will make up for the shortcomings of household cleaning products in handling the demands of cleaning after dozens, or hundreds of people each day.

Professional cleaning products, by comparison, can work wonders when it comes to shifting grime, and often contain powerful ingredients, which need to be applied with protective clothing and handled carefully. By getting in the professionals for a deep clean, even a few times a year, you can keep on top of the grime and remove the health and safety risks that can come by doing it yourself.

So, for the sake of your own sanity, as well as the well-being of you and your employees, it pays to employ a professional cleaning contractor to handle the day to day cleaning responsibilities for your business. To learn more about any of the points raised above, please feel free to contact us on 0800 4488026.