What Is A Deep Clean In Schools?

deep clean in schools

Step-By-Step Deep Cleaning Guide For Schools

A deep clean in schools refers to a thorough and intensive cleaning process that goes beyond the standard daily or weekly cleaning routines. This type of cleaning is typically more comprehensive and may be done periodically or in response to specific incidents or needs. 

The objective of a deep clean is to ensure the highest level of cleanliness, which can be particularly important in a school environment to promote the health and well-being of students, staff, and visitors.

The Deep Cleaning Process In Schools

The deep cleaning process for schools goes beyond a general daily clean. A school deep clean involves thorough cleaning and disinfecting areas to ensure health and safety for pupils and staff.

Below are 9 steps for what a deep clean in schools might involve:


  • Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, including desks, chairs, and tables.
  • Wiping down walls, light switches, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces.
  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting equipment such as computers, keyboards, and other electronic devices.
  • Vacuuming and removing stubborn stains from carpets.
  • Specialist window cleaning.


  • Disinfecting all surfaces, including toilets, urinals, sinks, and countertops.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting floors.
  • Cleaning shower curtains if present.
  • Cleaning mirrors and any other glass surfaces.

Communal Areas (like hallways and gyms):

  • Washing and disinfecting floors.
  • Cleaning walls and other large surfaces.
  • Disinfecting handrails, benches, and other frequently touched surfaces.


  • Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces where food is prepared or consumed.
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen appliances and equipment.
  • Disinfecting tables and chairs.

Playgrounds and Outdoor Equipment:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting playground equipment.
  • Ensuring the safety of the equipment and surfaces.

Special Equipment:

  • Depending on the school, there might be specific equipment like science lab instruments, music instruments, or sports equipment that need specialised cleaning.

Floor Care:


  • If there’s an outbreak of illness or any other health concern, a deep clean might be initiated immediately to curb the spread.

The Benefits Of Deep Cleans For Schools

Focus on High Touch Points

Regular deep cleaning emphasises disinfecting high touch points. Think about the countless hands that touch door handles, desks, and railings during term time. These areas become hotspots for germs, and deep cleaning ensures they are thoroughly sanitised.

Consistent Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining a cleaning schedule is easier when regular deep cleaning sessions are in place. By resetting the cleanliness level during school holidays, daily or weekly cleaning can be more effective during term time.

Importance of Regular Deep Cleaning

Regular deep cleaning goes beyond the obvious. It delves into areas that might be overlooked in the day-to-day cleaning tasks, ensuring a healthier environment for everyone when school is in session.

Schools benefit immensely from regular deep cleaning. Not only does it provide a cleaner, healthier environment for students and staff, but it also ensures that during term time, the focus can be on education.

CCS Deep Cleaning For Schools

At CCS we provide deep cleaning services for schools that will leave your educational establishment free from dirt, germs and clutter. Our team are specialist school cleaners with years of experience in deep cleaning processes. Utilising the best cleaning equipment in the industry, your location will be gleaming for students and staff to thrive in. 

School holidays present the perfect opportunity to undertake intensive cleaning tasks. With students and staff away, there’s less disruption, making it the ideal time to clean a school from top to bottom.