Stay on top of cleaning to produce the best results

Keeping on top of your cleaning requirements and ensuring your property is in the best condition is an ongoing job that may require extensive work, depending on the size and type of your property. You’ll need to do small cleans every day, have larger ones each week and do a deep, blitz style clean once or twice a year. It is a big ask but the rewards for getting it right will be happier staff and the right impression for guests. To save time and esnue the work is always done correctly, you can use our services for commercial cleaning in Bath.

A blitz clean is designed for those times when you need to get everything up to a high standard very quickly. They are used primarily following the holiday season when people have been away and haven’t kept up with the cleaning regime. Property owners also choose them following building work or decorating because it is the easiest way to get everything back in order fast.

In offices and commercial properties the blitz clean will ensure all areas are fresh and free from any kind of dirt. Kitchens and bathrooms will be completely cleaned, removing any lime scale and mould. All floors will be cleaned including deep cleans of carpets, linoleum and all other kinds of hard flooring. Polishing can be provided for timber floors if you want to protect them.

During spring cleans all the windows will be opened before a full clean is done. Each window will be washed so the glass is free from any marks, smudges or dirt. The frames and sills will be wiped down and polished where necessary. Any coverings can also be cleaned to make the whole window fresh and ready for the spring.

We have mastered the blitz clean and can provide it for properties of any size. Whatever your needs we will meet them and deliver the kind of service you can be proud of. We vow to get your property into a pleasant, clean condition very quickly and will ensure a manager signs off on the project to make sure you will be happy with it. All of our cleaners are experienced so you can safely expect the best from us. When you need commercial cleaning in Bath, Bristol and all surrounding areas, we are the most professional local specialists.