Proud to offer the very best in cleaning services to all Bristol businesses

Working in an environment with extremely high standards of cleanliness undeniably contributes to superior levels of comfort and safety which inevitably leads to better productivity. All business establishments have a huge obligation to keep their working environments safe and clean for the benefit of their employees and visitors and we at CCS are leading providers of stellar and top quality cleaning services in Bristol.

We take every step to ensure every aspect of our company and the services we deliver are completely top notch. When it comes to our team of staff we only employ the very best. All our members are professional cleaners and we rigorously inspect all references and carry out CRB checks.  Because we believe in the benefits of constant learning and evolving we implement regular on the job training. It is our central aim to take the greatest level of pride in everything we do and we make sure our staff carry out nothing less than unimpeachable work.

We do not simply send a team to a job and leave them to it. Our service incorporates constant care and we use technology to monitor our staff time on site. Clients can trust in us without exception as the premises that we clean are visited on a weekly basis by one of our Managerial team members. Nothing is more important to us than inspiring absolute customer satisfaction.

Our supreme services cover all manner of business premises from schools to offices and industrial buildings. We also offer our special Blitz service. Circumstances sometimes call for a complete all in one clean of an area or a deep clean of a specific area. Many landlords and letting agents use our Blitz service as it ensures efficiency and is trustworthy. We will make your property sparkle, secure photographic evidence of the before and after condition, return all keys and leave the property secure. We also offer our one off Blitz clean to homes including intense and clinical cleaning of bathrooms and showers, carpets and upholstery, insecticide treatments and thoroughly intrinsic kitchen cleans.

Whatever you desire from us we deliver consistently high quality cleaning services in Bristol to all of our customers whatever the location or size of the job. If we provide a one off cleaning service or regular work our standards will always remain the same.

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