Make your office a calmer workplace in 5 easy steps

how to make your office calmer

How To Make Your Office A Calmer Workplace

Depending on what your company does, you might find a bit of background noise inevitable, perhaps even welcome. But for some, the common open-plan office acts as a big distraction.

If you find yourself struggling to concentrate and get things done at work, perhaps you would benefit from making your environment a bit more Zenlike.

Only 53% of UK and Irish workers feel that their workplace enables them to work productively. And it’s not easy. We need a variety of environments to suit not only the task at hand, but our frame of mind and general wellbeing.

Effective offices are designed around the needs of users, not just on a cost efficiency basis. Businesses that get this right can improve their productivity by as much as 3.5%.

So, lets bring some peace and tranquillity into your office by following in the footsteps on the Mahayana Buddhist masters.

Here are 5 easy steps towards complete office Zen:

De-clutter Your Desk

Let’s start with what you can control, your own desk. This is your personal space at work and the area likely to have the biggest impact on your mood. Once you achieve desk zen, it should be easier to get others on-board.

De-clutter your desk. Remove the unnecessary items and organise the essentials. Tie back cables or hide them in desk channels. Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

Create harmony in your own space and then work outwards from the centre.

Persuade your co-workers to follow your lead and you will already be multiplying the Zen.

Embrace The Light

This is where your office premises may hamper your efforts. Perhaps you can move desks or open some more blinds but try and maximise your exposure to natural light. It brings out the best in everyone. It improves health and sleep patterns, which in turn leads to more focus and concentration in the office.

Workers with windows in their office sleep on average three quarters of an hour more per night than employees without natural light in their work environment.

So, throw those curtains wide and let the Zen flood in. You can also make use of mirrors on strategic areas of the walls to continue the flow of natural light around the room.

Add A Splash Of Colour

Even if you have grown used to a dull and drab office, it doesn’t have to be that way. People’s performance in the office is directly affected by their environment.

Adding colour to the office with bright and colourful artwork is a great way to improve the whole mood of your office. Low wavelength colours such as greens and blues can improve office efficiency and drive employee focus.

So get creative and add some colourful canvasses to Zen up your office today.

Install A Water Feature

OK, so this one is a bit out there, and not everyone is going to be able to pull this one off, but if you manage it, you’ll find that the soothing sound of water is so relaxing and brings peace to the office. Introduce those Zen qualities to your office by installing a water feature that will bring tranquillity to everyone it reaches.

When workers are relaxed and tranquil, their productivity increases – and the sound of constantly flowing water is an ideal way to achieve that.

Bring The Outside Inside

Add some nature to the office by placing plants, or even a living wall in the office. Plants are a no-brainer. They make any space more attractive, improve indoor air quality and bring a tranquillity.

Not only that, they will add a splash more colour and introduce oxygen into the room, studies have shown that plants in the office improve the memory retention of employees and can increase productivity by 15 per cent.

If you really want to complete the natural Zen look, go vertical and plant a complete living wall in the office.

Give it a go. And if you need someone to keep your new zen office clean, and your living wall watered, give us a call.